Our Leadership Pedagogy

How We Nurture Leadership

We offer specialized programming for school and system leaders at every career stage, from the moment a teacher first considers becoming a school leader, through the early stages of leadership, to the time they’re ready to lead change beyond the walls of a single school. Our learning spaces are intentional communities where role-alike leaders work together to develop the core content and skills needed to be successful in their roles. Participants gain a deep network of support, practice leading with authenticity, and find renewed inspiration for the work of strengthening schools.

All of our program offerings and communities are built around three pedagogical pillars: a supportive environment, a constructivist approach, and intentional practice. Additionally, more than ever, education leaders need a broad foundation of skills to be effective in their roles. In all of our learning experiences, participants will ground in, explore, and hone three key leadership capacities: leading yourself, leading others, and leading schools and systems.

Pillars of Our Pedagogy

Three pillars guide our pedagogical approach and shape our intentional communities.

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    Supportive Environment

    • You’ll prepare for the next level of your leadership in a supportive environment.
    • You’ll be part of a diverse cohort of participants typically between 12-20  educators.
    • You’ll build lasting relationships and expand your network.
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    Constructivist Approach

    • You’ll reflect on your existing wisdom, experiences, and values to develop your leadership foundation.
    • You’ll learn how to apply leading research in your school community.
    • You’ll develop an authentic leadership style.
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    Intentional Practice

    • You’ll engage in problem-based learning simulations that challenge you to weigh priorities, engage stakeholders, and justify challenging school leadership decisions.
    • You’ll receive honest, actionable, and timely feedback so you can improve quickly.
    • You’ll learn a process for leading through the adaptive challenges of today’s schools.

Building Blocks of Strong Leadership

Jackie O’Connor

Academics Team, Summit Public Schools

“Marshall Leadership Institute is an incredibly well-designed and facilitated experience that helped me explore what leadership in education looks and feels like. The experience introduced me to resources that challenged my thinking of what leadership is and can be, as well as helped me define what leadership is to me, and how I show up as a leader. The actual sessions allowed me to grapple with, and make sense of, complicated leadership questions and situations in a community where it was okay to be vulnerable and exploratory.”

Essential Capacities for Success

From learning how to be a powerful instructional coach to managing complex systems, the list of what school and network leaders need to know and be able to do is expansive. More than ever, education leaders need a broad foundation of skills to be effective in their roles. All of our learning experiences are roioted in exploring and honing three key leadership capacities.

  • Conscious

    Deepening your understanding of your vision, purpose, values, personality, identities, and background and how these elements combine to shape the way you lead schools.


    Cultivating a willingness to continuously learn and improve in your leadership practice by seeking feedback, practicing ongoing introspection, and sharing your learning to increase self-awareness.

    Cultivating Support

    Building a community of like-minded leaders to support, challenge, grow, and sustain you on your leadership journey. Providing the same support to your community in return.

  • Collaboration

    Effectively and eagerly collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders to tackle complex problems together.


    Deepening your ability to develop and empower others through vision, influence, coaching, and feedback.


    Facilitating a diverse group of stakeholders toward aligned action and a common goal.

  • Vision

    Going beyond managing the status quo by clarifying your hopes, dreams, and ambitions for what schools could be. And, being unwavering in your commitment to improve until your school is serving all students well.

    Systems Thinking

    Accepting the reality that your school is designed to get the results it gets and identifying the policies, practices, and incentives within your system that either inhibit or encourage change.


    Skillfully engaging in innovation, re-design, and experimentation to sustain and expand school improvement efforts.

Explore Our Offerings

Launched by and for school leaders, Marshall Leadership Institute helps unlock the teacher-to-school leader pipeline for public charter school communities across the United States.​

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    Pipeline Development

    Ready to build a sustainable leadership pipeline that cultivates powerful school leadership from within your community? Marshall Leadership Institute partners with school communities to build a pipeline of transformational leaders from your community.

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    Cohort-Based Leadership Development

    Looking for individual support for your schools’ current leaders? Marshall Leadership Institute offers cohort-based learning to accelerate the development of authentic and powerful leadership skills within your current leaders.

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    Personalized Coaching

    Facing a challenge and looking for responsive support from an experienced coach? Marshall Leadership Institute offers one-on-one personalized coaching to help leaders tackle the daily challenges of running a school.

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