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Teach to Transform

The Marshall Teacher Residency is a one-year teacher preparation program providing hands-on clinical practice, personalized mentoring, in-classroom coaching, and a collaborative community. In just 12 months, become a credentialed teacher and receive priority hiring at 20 California districts and public charter networks! We provide affordable tuition and a living stipend, and California provides grants to cover your tuition. 

As one of the most comprehensive residencies for aspiring teachers in the nation, we provide a pathway to:

  • Single Subject Teaching
  • Multiple Subject Teaching
  • Education Specialist Instruction

Learn more about the program and credential options here. Designed in partnership with experts from Stanford University, and born out of Summit Public Schools, we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and partner with schools throughout California.

Our values are embedded in everything we do.

Aspiring teachers experience our values-based approach to teaching and learning as Residents, before applying them in their own classrooms. From curriculum and coursework, to our mentorship structure, to the schools that we partner with, these core beliefs guide our Resident experience.

  • Student-centered instruction places students at the center of the classroom. We support our students’ sense of agency and self-efficacy, while building habits of success.
  • Data-driven instruction personalizes instruction to ensure an appropriately rigorous educational experience for the strengths and needs of every student in our diverse classrooms.
  • Whole child education builds strong, authentic relationships, and supports the social and emotional development of our students in addition to academic achievement.
  • Anti-racist education engages in deep self-reflection, practicing culturally responsive teaching methods, and investigating inequities in the educational system.

Living Our Values

Katelaine Rojas

History Teacher, Lindsay Unified School District

“The core beliefs of Marshall Teacher Residency are easily seen throughout all of the assignments that we have had and I find myself constantly thinking about how I can include these beliefs in my planning and in my everyday interactions with the students.”

Meet the Residents

Our commitment to diversity allows Residents to find belonging among their peers. Residents are demographically diverse, helping correct historic imbalances in the nation’s teacher workforce. Close to 50 percent of Marshall Residents are first-generation college graduates, and nearly as many live in, or are already connected to, the school community they serve — either as alumni, former staff, or parents.

Meet some of our phenomenal Residents and learn about their journeys into teaching.

  • Meet Tilar, an Elementary Resident

    Tilar decided to pursue a Multiple Subjects credential to become an elementary school teacher after taking care of her younger siblings.  Tilar is completing her residency year at New School of San Francisco, working in a Kindergarten classroom.

  • Meet Hannah, an Education Specialist Resident

    Hannah found her passion in working with students with disabilities, although she never expected to become a teacher.  As an Education Specialist Resident, Hannah is completing her residency year at Summit Prep in Redwood City.

  • Meet Devonna, a Math Resident

    Devonna found her passion for teaching during her undergraduate studies at Cal Poly Pomona. After spending a year as a tutor at Summit Tahoma, she joined the first cohort of the Teacher Residency. She has been a Math Teacher at Summit Tahoma in San Jose, California, since 2018 and she is now a Cooperating Teacher, hosting her own Resident in her classroom.

  • Meet Edwin, a Spanish Resident

    Edwin joined the Teacher Residency because he had observed the challenges of the traditional educational model and knew that meeting the needs of individual students would require an innovative approach. Edwin was a Resident at Summit Shasta and is now teaching Spanish in his Southern California hometown.

  • Meet April, a History Resident

    The Residency program was an opportunity for April to follow a path towards their professional goals and learn essential teaching skills through a personalized learning model and with a highly effective Cooperating Teacher. April was a Resident at Summit Rainier and has been teaching History at Summit Tahoma in San Jose, California, since 2018.


  • Meet Eric, an English Resident

    Before discovering his passion for teaching, Eric was a writer in Los Angeles. He spent his Resident year at Summit Shasta, and then spent three years teaching creative writing and journalism for Summit’s Expeditions program. Eric has moved into a school leader role as a Dean of Expeditions.

Leading with Passion

Christian Cayton

English Teacher, Ednovate Charter Schools

“On the whole, the staff of the Marshall Teacher Residency has been the best part of the experience. I feel there is a clear air of passion and excitement about the work that definitely keeps us going when things get tough… There is a great balance of flexibility on behalf of the faculty, and I think outside of projects and resources, I’ve gained the most from the interactions and guidance from the Marshall team. Supervisory is definitely one of my favorite parts of the week and something I look forward to as a space to decompress, commiserate and share joy with others in similar positions.”

Our Team

  • Pamela Lamcke
    Pamela Lamcke, Founding Executive Director of Teacher Residency
    Pamela Lamcke, Founding Executive Director of Teacher Residency

    Pam has over 15 years of experience in education as a teacher, school leader, and instructional coach. Since 2014, Pam has successfully led the development of Summit programs that serve as pipelines and preparation into teaching. Pam holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego, a Master’s in Education and a teaching credential from Stanford University, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership and an administrative credential from the University of California, Berkeley. Pam spends her free time dancing, baking, and playing outside with her two children.

  • Sandrine McConney
    Sandrine McConney, Mentor, Teacher Residency
    Sandrine McConney, Mentor, Teacher Residency

    Sandrine comes to the Marshall Teacher Residency with 14 years of experience in K-12 education.  She started as an elementary teacher in Ottawa, Canada where she specialized in bilingual education and inclusion of students with special needs. She made her way to the Bay Area where she was a special education administrator and a school leader at the middle and high school level.  She holds a Master’s in Educational Neuroscience from the Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as Bachelors in Primary Education and International Studies from the University of Ottawa. Sandrine spends her free time hiking in the Sierra Nevada, trying to beat her personal records on the Peloton and entertaining her infant son.

  • Molly Posner LaMont
    Molly Posner LaMont, Program Director, Teacher Residency
    Molly Posner LaMont, Program Director, Teacher Residency

    Molly brings 10 years of experience in education to her work leading the Bay Area region of the Teacher Residency. She has led programs to train and support new educators since 2013 and collaborated on the design and launch of the Residency program at Summit in 2016. She holds a Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s in Child Development and Community Health from Tufts University. In her free time, you’ll find Molly exploring the Bay, traveling to new places, and enjoying time with family and friends.

  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith, Manager of Recruitment, Teacher Residency
    Kelly Smith, Manager of Recruitment, Teacher Residency

    Kelly Smith joined the Summit Learning Teacher Residency Team in July 2018 as the Recruitment Manager. Prior to Summit, Kelly spent over 10 years in the education industry managing and developing recruitment activities for various organizations and districts throughout Northern California. A Bay Area native, Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University.

  • Sunli Kim
    Sunli Kim, Mentor, Teacher Residency
    Sunli Kim, Mentor, Teacher Residency

    Born in South Korea and raised in California, Sunli credits her K-12 and postsecondary educational experience in the Bay Area for her desire to stay and teach. After pursuing English literature as an undergraduate at Stanford University, she obtained her teaching credential through the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) and taught high school English for four years at Summit Rainier. Today, Sunli serves as a mentor on the Teacher Residency team and is excited to welcome more aspiring teachers into the profession.

  • Ashley Sewell
    Ashley Sewell, Mentor, Teacher Residency
    Ashley Sewell, Mentor, Teacher Residency

    With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Behavioral Science and Master’s in Urban Education, Ashley holds a decade of experience in the field of education, which includes teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade ELA and History and 9th Grade Ethnic Studies. She has also found joy in coaching and mentoring residents and teachers. Ashley believes that all students can succeed at high levels, and that all educators should have the tools and support necessary to provide students with the quality of education that they deserve. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys writing, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

  • Nykeisha Bryer
    Nykeisha Bryer, Director of Special Education Programs
    Nykeisha Bryer, Director of Special Education Programs

    A first-generation college student and a seasoned educator with over ten years’ experience, Nykeisha is dedicated to the vision of dismantling oppressive systems that permeate minority communities. Her desire to provide students with a type of holistic education — one that she was not afforded — drives her in her role as an Improvement Advisor with the NIC. As a young Black woman, she embraces her identity and the value of her voice. She graduated from Southern University and A&M College, the illustrious Baton Rouge HBCU, and began her career as an educator through Teach for America, where she developed her passion for education. Nykeisha is a lifelong learner who truly seeks to empathize and lead from the heart.

  • Metztli Garcia
    Metztli Garcia, Manager of Recruitment and Admissions
    Metztli Garcia, Manager of Recruitment and Admissions

    Metztli Zitlalli Garcia is a first-generation college graduate with a degree in Public Affairs from UCLA. She is passionate about diversity and inclusivity within the recruitment industry. By night, she provides affordable resume design services as well as produces a variety of holistic wellness resources and social media content tailored towards physical health & nutrition for BIPOC identifying-folks. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, she is involved in her local long-distance running community and volunteers with young girls in the arts.

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