Teacher Residency

Every student has different passions, growth areas, needs, and goals for the future. The Summit Learning Teacher Residency — a one-year preparation program — trains educators to take a more personalized approach to teaching, with the ultimate goal of equipping every student to live a fulfilled life.

Program Overview

The Teacher Residency offers the opportunity for aspiring educators to spend a year honing their personalized teaching skills. The program fosters a “hands on” approach: Residents teach in a middle- or high-school classroom, while also completing coursework leading to a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential.

Residents spend four days a week with a Cooperating Teacher, engaging students in deeper learning projects, empowering self-directed learning, developing student habits and skills that lead to success, and nurturing a strong sense of classroom community. Over the course of the year, residents evolve from observation to independently teaching one class section for the second semester.

Residents spend one day a week engaging with personalized learning experiences and coursework, mirroring the overall learning approach; residents engage in a project-based curriculum that is competency-based, self-directed, and student-centered. Over the course of the program, Residents collaborate with a diverse cohort of future teachers and engage in critical conversations about equity and inclusion.

The Teacher Residency is a one-year commitment and an investment in a future career as an educator. Residents pay tuition for the program and receive a living stipend during the duration of the residency program.

Join the Residency

You are a good fit for our program if you: 
  • Believe that all students can be successful
  • Are dedicated to working with heterogeneous student populations
  • Are interested in teaching as a profession
  • Want to build meaningful relationships with students
  • Believe that every student deserves a personalized pathway towards the life they want to lead
  • Have a growth mindset
To be eligible for the Teacher Residency, you must:
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Be eligible to work in the United States

A Message from a Resident

Teacher Resident, Cohort 2

I’ve learned a lot of different strategies for all aspects of teaching, and I’ve had a lot of time to try these strategies with students. At the beginning of the year, so much of this was new to me, but now I feel confident about my ability to full-time teach independently next year. I have also become more excited about teaching than ever as I loved my students and they made me smile every day.

Our teacher residency has recruited, trained, and placed 70+ diverse educators

We recruit diverse educator cohorts that better represent our student communities…

…and leave prepared to effectively teach and support students, rise as teacher leaders


Meet Our Residents

The Summit Learning Teacher Residency supports a diverse cohort of Teacher Residents in developing the skills and habits of high-quality, personalized learning educators. Meet some of our phenomenal Residents and alumni!

  • Meet April

    The Residency program was an opportunity for April to follow a path towards their professional goals and learn essential teaching skills through a personalized learning model and with a highly effective Cooperating Teacher. April was a Resident at Summit Rainier and is now in their second year teaching History at Summit Tahoma in San Jose, California.

  • Meet Devonna

    Devonna found her passion for teaching during her undergraduate studies at Cal Poly Pomona. After spending a year as a tutor at Summit Tahoma, she joined the first cohort of the Summit Learning Teacher Residency. She is now in her second year as a Math Teacher at Summit Tahoma in San Jose, California. 

  • Meet Edwin

    Edwin joined the Summit Learning Teacher Residency because he had observed the challenges of the traditional educational model and knew that meeting the needs of individual students would require an innovative approach. Edwin was a Resident at Summit Shasta and is now teaching Spanish in his Southern California hometown.

  • Meet Eric

    Before discovering his passion for teaching, Eric was a writer in Los Angeles. He spent his Residency at Summit Shasta and is now in his first year teaching creative writing and journalism for Summit’s Expeditions program.

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Program Benefits

As a Resident You Will:
  • Develop the skills, habits, and tools needed to personalize learning for every student and to build effective relationships
  • Receive a student teaching placement that is deeply integrated in a middle or high school four full days each week for the length of the academic year
  • Engage in consistent, individualized coaching and support from an experienced Cooperating Teacher and a Residency program faculty member
  • Be empowered as a self-directed adult learner with a personalized trajectory through the program
  • Become an active and valued member of a professional learning community working with the teachers, administrators, mentors, students, and families to implement, reflect upon, and continuously improve upon personalized learning goals of the school community
Professional Development and Support

Residents are supported by a team of individuals offering guidance and development throughout the program. This team includes:

  • Cooperating Teachers: Residents co-teach, co-plan, and co-assess with a Cooperating Teacher who covers the same content area and serves as a model for high-quality personalized instruction. In the spring semester, under the guidance of their Cooperating Teacher, Residents teach independently.
  • Mentor: Every Resident is supported by a faculty member and coached during regular check-ins. Mentors foster the important connection between coursework and experience, assessing projects, playlists, and overseeing the completion of requirements for the credentialing process.
  • A Community of Residents: In the summer prior to the school year, Residents meet with their cohort to focus on foundational elements of personalized learning, build community, and prepare for the year ahead. One day per week during the school year, Residents and mentors meet under the guidance of program faculty to engage in coursework, projects, and peer-to-peer support.

Our Values


We learn with and from each other. We know each other and care for each other as humans and as colleagues. 


We approach our work with a learner mindset. We give and receive feedback for the purpose of learning. We value and practice reflection as individuals and as a community.


We hold high expectations for ourselves and others. We grow to reach those expectations with support that is personalized. We work towards equitable outcomes for all — student and adult learners.


We take a student-centered, constructivist approach to teaching and learning for students and adults. We empower student and adult learners to have ownership of their learning. We value transparency and openness.


We intentionally build a diverse cohort. We work to create an environment that is inclusive and safe, in which we value multiple perspectives and seek to understand each other.

Our Team

  • Pamela Lamcke
    Pamela Lamcke, Founding Executive Director of Teacher Residency
    Pamela Lamcke, Founding Executive Director of Teacher Residency

    Pam has over 15 years of experience in education as a teacher, school leader, and instructional coach. Since 2014, Pam has successfully led the development of Summit programs that serve as pipelines and preparation into teaching. Pam holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego, a Master’s in Education and a teaching credential from Stanford University, and a Master’s in Educational Leadership and an administrative credential from the University of California, Berkeley. Pam spends her free time dancing, baking, and playing outside with her two children.

  • Arlette De La Cruz
    Arlette De La Cruz, Director of Strategic Growth, Teacher Residency
    Arlette De La Cruz, Director of Strategic Growth, Teacher Residency

    Arlette comes to Marshall with a decade of experience in nonprofit partnerships, enrollment, and school operations. She is an MA Candidate at the Broad Center in Urban Education and holds an MBA from USC. Prior to Marshall, Arlette was most recently at Aspire Public Schools and the Oakland Unified School District. She began her career at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and earned a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Spanish from Amherst College.

  • Molly Posner
    Molly Posner, Director of Bay Area Region, Teacher Residency
    Molly Posner, Director of Bay Area Region, Teacher Residency

    Molly brings 10 years of experience in education to her work leading the Bay Area region of the Teacher Residency. She has led programs to train and support new educators since 2013 and collaborated on the design and launch of the Residency program at Summit in 2016. She holds a Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s in Child Development and Community Health from Tufts University. In her free time, you’ll find Molly exploring the Bay, traveling to new places, and enjoying time with family and friends.

  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith, Manager of Recruitment, Teacher Residency
    Kelly Smith, Manager of Recruitment, Teacher Residency

    Kelly Smith joined the Summit Learning Teacher Residency Team in July 2018 as the Recruitment Manager. Prior to Summit, Kelly spent over 10 years in the education industry managing and developing recruitment activities for various organizations and districts throughout Northern California. A Bay Area native, Kelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University.

  • Sunli Kim
    Sunli Kim, Mentor, Teacher Residency
    Sunli Kim, Mentor, Teacher Residency

    Born in South Korea and raised in California, Sunli credits her K-12 and postsecondary educational experience in the Bay Area for her desire to stay and teach. After pursuing English literature as an undergraduate at Stanford University, she obtained her teaching credential through the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) and taught high school English for four years at Summit Rainier. Today, Sunli serves as a mentor on the Teacher Residency team and is excited to welcome more aspiring teachers into the profession.

  • Ashley Sewell
    Ashley Sewell, Mentor, Teacher Residency
    Ashley Sewell, Mentor, Teacher Residency

    With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Behavioral Science and Master’s in Urban Education, Ashley holds a decade of experience in the field of education, which includes teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade ELA and History and 9th Grade Ethnic Studies. She has also found joy in coaching and mentoring residents and teachers. Ashley believes that all students can succeed at high levels, and that all educators should have the tools and support necessary to provide students with the quality of education that they deserve. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys writing, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Our Partners

  • SCALE Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning & Equity
  • HTH Graduate School of Education

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