Partner With Us

To advance this work, we partner with some of the most trusted educational organizations around the country. Our partners and collaborators are dedicated to creating educational advantages for young people.

Current Partnership Opportunities

While our ongoing work might suggest particular opportunities, we always enjoy a discussion about how we can get better faster together. Some of our current partnership opportunities include:

Host Teacher Residents at your school, district, or CMO in California.

If you are committed to building the next generation of teachers — talented, dedicated professionals who are as diverse as your student body — contact us about bringing the Teacher Residency to your school or district. Marshall is currently interested in partnerships in the San Francisco Bay Area and California’s Central Valley.

Hire high-quality, diverse, and credentialed teachers for your school through the Teacher Residency.

If you are looking for powerful teachers who have undergone extensive apprenticeship in personalized learning classrooms, and you are committed to the ongoing professional development of your teachers, we are happy to talk about placing our graduates with you.

Creating professional pathways for educators.

If you want to grow your own leaders and you’re looking for programmatic offerings that support the development of talented, ambitious educators, then our leadership and certification programs — including one that culminates in administrative licensure — may be of interest to you.

Engaging teachers and leaders in the development and definition of an Aligned School Model.

If you are hoping to jumpstart a change initiative in your district, or you are hoping to create an in-person experience that aligns your leadership (district, CMO, and school leaders) around a common vision of excellence, we have extensive experience facilitating one-day to one-week workshops and sessions to support your efforts.

Creating and sustaining continuous improvement efforts at your district, CMO, or school — particularly for students positioned furthest from opportunity.

If you are interested in initiating a Continuous Improvement effort for your school or district and you are committed to more equitable student outcomes for all students, please reach out for more information about our technical assistance offerings.

Defining and developing postsecondary pathways for talented young people.

If you represent an organization, company, college, or university interested in offering rewarding pathways to talented young people or building a diverse talent pipeline, then we would like to speak with you as part of our Postsecondary Pathways initiative.

Bringing the routines and mindsets of Prepared Parents into your home or your school community.

If you are a parent seeking concrete routines that support your child’s development of reflection, goal-setting, and purpose, join us at Prepared Parents.

Partners & Collaborators

We partner with some of the most trusted education and parent organizations across the country.

  • Assessment for Learning Project
  • Building Equitable Learning Environments Network
  • Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • Character Lab
  • Digital Promise
  • HTH Graduate School of Education
  • Learning-Policy-Institute
  • National Equity Project
  • Perts
  • Populace
  • SRI Education
  • SCALE Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning & Equity
  • Harvard’s Student Social Support R&D Lab
  • University of Chicago Consortium on School Research