Working Together

Marshall Street partners with some of the most trusted educational organizations around the country. Together, we implement solutions to persistent problems in K-12 education.

Building the Next Generation of Teachers

The Marshall Teacher Residency works with school districts and charter management organizations in California to develop high-quality, diverse teachers. Our residents are trained to be powerful teachers who lead student-centered, data-driven classrooms.

Interested in hosting residents or hiring our graduates? Email Arlette de la Cruz, Director of Strategic Growth, at

Developing School Leaders

The Marshall Leadership Institute provides consultations and customized leadership training for school districts and charter management organizations looking to build strong leadership teams and support retention.

Creating a Networked Improvement Community for Students with Disabilities

The Continuous Improvement team at Marshall Street supports a Networked Improvement Community (NIC) to make dramatic gains for Black and Latinx students with disabilities experiencing poverty. The pilot community is made up of 10 charter management organizations that collectively serve more than 75,000 students around the country.

Supporting Parents

Prepared Parents provides resources that support their kids’ social-emotional and learning needs at home. Our resources are backed by learning science, psychology and behavioral research.

Developing an Aligned School Model

Summit Public Schools used the Aligned School Model framework to inform the design of its schools. We partner with school districts, charter management organizations, and school leaders to support their efforts in implementing this framework.

Partners & Collaborators

Marshall collaborates with trusted partners to create opportunities for students to thrive.

  • Assessment for Learning Project
  • Building Equitable Learning Environments Network
  • Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • Catalyst Ed
  • Character Lab
  • Digital Promise
  • HTH Graduate School of Education
  • Learning-Policy-Institute
  • National Equity Project
  • Perts
  • Populace
  • SRI Education
  • SCALE Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning & Equity
  • Harvard’s Student Social Support R&D Lab
  • University of Chicago Consortium on School Research