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Marshall Street Impact Report: Year 1
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Marshall Street Impact Report: Year 1

Marshall Street Initiatives is a coalition of educators working to systematically improve opportunities for students across the country. We invite you to read the 2019-20 Marshall Street Impact Report and companion Marshall Street 1-Pager for an overview of our work, learnings, and impact in Year 1.

As Marshall Street closes our first year amidst unprecedented uncertainty in our beloved field of public education, we look back with deep gratitude and we look forward with great hope.

We’re thankful for the many people who believed in us when we were only an idea: the idea that sustaining and improving great schools requires dedicated knowledge, skill, and expertise. We’re thankful for those who encouraged and supported us when we were— and as we are—a growing but imperfect substantiation of that original idea. Thank you to our research partners, our funders, our thought partners from far and wide, our collaborators, our colleagues in higher education, in business, and in education nonprofits. We have learned so much from you. Thank you.

Read our Year 1 Impact Report here.