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Supporting Students, Parents, Teachers, School Leaders and Alumni

Marshall’s initiatives implement solutions to persistent problems in K-12 education—at Summit Public Schools and many schools beyond. Although each initiative is distinct, they all work together to create a healthy, cohesive set of solutions that put children first.

Teacher Residency

In 2014, we set out to train teachers to lead classrooms as we need them to be: innovative, data-driven, with students at the center of their educational experience. Today, the Marshall Teacher Residency is an established teacher preparation program that trains the next generation of teachers.

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Marshall Leadership Institute

The Marshall Leadership Institute is dedicated to rethinking and redesigning how we identify, develop, and support powerful school leaders. Our programs—Leadership Fellows, New Leaders Fellowships, and Experienced Leaders Fellowship—provide supportive, comprehensive training to develop highly prepared, diverse school leaders in K-12 education.

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Marshall CoLab

Marshall CoLab is dedicated to improving teaching and learning for students furthest from opportunity.

We bring together communities of educators, instructional coaches, and experts to co-develop and implement evidence-based practices and make them available to all schools.

Using the tools of continuous improvement – the science of getting better at getting better – we support educators along the path from theory to transformation to achieve lasting change.

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Prepared Parents

Drawing on the lessons from Prepared: What Kids Need for A Fulfilled Life, Prepared Parents offers parents tips, activities, and resources to help foster skills like self-direction, collaboration, and reflection in their children.

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Postsecondary Pathways

Postsecondary Pathways focused on preparing students for navigating life after graduation. Through this initiative, we developed the Clearing the Path paper, the “Life After High School” program, Bay Area Career Maps, and community-centered assessments that empower students to define their “Concrete Next Steps.” These assessments are being scaled throughout the Summit Public Schools network through the 8-week Expeditions Program in collaboration with leading research partners.

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