Transformational Leaders Fellowship Program

Bring a leader fellowship program to your school network or region.

We partner with K-12 schools, charter management organizations, districts, and other education organizations to design customized fellowships that develop culturally-responsive, transformational school leaders. Our program works with your organization to create a sustainable, diverse pipeline of school leaders.


Intentional Community

Build trust and unity through our cohort model. School leaders learn together, deepen relationships, and become a community of supportive colleagues through the fellowship program.

Powerful Learning

Our program meets leaders where they are on their journeys. School leaders participate in problem-based learning, simulations, consultancies, and self-reflection, all while getting personalized feedback.

Lasting Change

Always have someone on your bench. Develop the capacity of your team to expand and sustain a diverse pipeline of school leaders.

How Our Programs Work

Our program helps you develop the infrastructure, capacity, and community required to transform your schools from good to great and create lasting organizational change. We’ll be with you each step of the way. Phase 1 usually takes three to six months. Each of the following three phases takes approximately one academic year.

Phase 1 – Alignment

Phase 1 begins with learning. We work with your senior leaders to conduct a needs and assets assessment to evaluate your current system and collectively set goals for our work together. You will build a strong relationship with an experienced MLI Facilitator and identify your Organization Champions.

We will work together to customize the fellowship to fit your organizational assets, needs, and goals, as well as identify and recruit leaders to join the fellowship.

Phase 2 – Foundations (I Do)

In our first launch year, your Organization Champions will experience the fellowship as participants. Skilled and experienced MLI Facilitators will fully plan, facilitate, and execute the fellowships.

Members of the cohort will reflect on how the sessions impact them. We will check-in monthly to hear feedback on our implementation and continuously improve for your context. During this phase, we will begin recruiting your second class of fellows.

Phase 3 – Capacity Building (We Do)

During this phase, we focus on developing your Organization Champions into powerful facilitators. We’ll work with them to design, facilitate, and effectively execute fellowships. Our mentors will support them in planning meetings and fellowship sessions and be readily available for problem-solving and co-facilitating when needed. Each co-facilitator will receive personalized coaching and feedback after each session.

Phase 4 – Gradual Release (You Do)

At this point, your facilitators should feel confident operating high-quality fellowships. We’ll continue to support your fellowship work and develop your facilitators, while shifting our focus towards working with your senior leadership to embed sustainable structures for continuous improvement and on-going capacity building.

Why invest in school leaders?

School leaders are vital to operating excellent, equitable schools, and yet investing in leadership is often one of the most overlooked courses of action for raising student achievement. School leaders are the number one factor in hiring, coaching, and retaining excellent teachers and sustaining effective school climates for learning (Wallace Foundation, 2013). Transformational school leaders are needed now more than ever to lead their communities through change to combat persistent inequities and refocus our schools on a whole-child education that truly prepares all of their students to live fulfilled lives.

An effective principal’s impact touches every aspect of a school—most powerfully, through the work of developing strong teachers and adult culture. They are the multipliers of teaching best practices across classrooms and have the most power to impact an entire school’s culture and performance. As the Wallace Foundation recently concluded after two decades of research, it’s difficult to imagine a higher return on investment in K-12 education than school leader development (Wallace Foundation, 2021).

What is a Transformational Leader?

Transformational Leaders inherit school systems that have been designed for the benefit of some students at the expense of others. They have the vision, skills, networks, and support to transform their schools into places where all students thrive. They empower their communities and inspire others towards collective action. They are powerful instructional leaders and skillful teacher coaches. They deeply understand the system as it is and they have the courage to change it for the benefit of young people. They lead with both confidence and humility. They relentlessly strive to build inclusive communities where everyone flourishes.